OMG Another Mega Nerf Is Coming!

Hence the new rank up deals...

Jumped on the offer before the previous mega nerf (12.0) but few weeks later Kabam wasted my SW / investment JUST LIKE THAT!

Sorry Kabam, but never ever again...

I still like your game, but I don't trust you.


  • BCdiscmanBCdiscman Posts: 348
  • If you worry so much get the deal but don't use the cats to rank up anyone just yet. Based on post 12.0 deal this is one of the better ones... Simply because it is not random. 3 t4b and a t4c of your choice can easily goes for an Odin if Kabam so wanted.
  • JarekJarek Posts: 62
    edited May 2017
    Too expensive, everything above 25 euro i unfortunately consider too expensive. Shame prices are not country balanced, in this case im asked to pay like 230 euro and odins cost 430 euro. Thats way too much to spend on mobile game or any other.
  • DracooolahDracooolah Posts: 1
    Jarek, are you for real? 230 euro for the catalyst and 430 euro for odin? That is seriously overpriced!
  • CaixaaCaixaa Posts: 3
    Some months ago I would have jumped to that offer... but after the nerf I don't trust this game nor kabam anymore. Also, for that price I get a brand new board game to play with real people or family (Scythe, Robinson Crusoe, Descent, ...), so I am going to stay far away from any offer.
    but hey! everyone can spend their money wherever they want, so if you like the offer, go ahead!
  • Balm82Balm82 Posts: 177
    i would pay for a similar offer with T4 Class frags rather than a whole crystal
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