New One day Events -- milestones?

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Kabam posted these events.

@Kabam Miike Been a rough week. Think we can get the milestones to these events before the weekend to give us something to look forward to, maybe generate a little excitement. For example I remember the 1 time the help event was run there was an alliance level 4 heal as the last milestone. Will the loyalty event reward.... loyalty? thanks -- get us pumped up :)

Item Use - Like its 3-Day Version Sibling, use items to score Points!
Alliance Quest Fights - Win fights in your Alliance Quest!
Arena Wins - Win Fights in the Arena!
Loyalty Spend - Use your Loyalty in the Loyalty Store, Treasury Donations, or on Loyalty Crystals!
Alliance Help - Answer your Alliance’s Help Requests to get Points!
Quest Completion - You know this one. Complete Quest Maps to earn Points, and now you can earn points for completing Daily Quests as well!
Perfect Series - This formerly 3-Day event is moving on over to the 1-Day Events. Win 3 out of 3 fights in your Arena Matchups!
Class Use - Use a certain Class in fights to score Points!
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