Instead of complaining about the new minis.........

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We used to be a community that focused on helping each other out but now we're more focused on how to complain about Kabam. Let's get back to what these forums used to be before 12.0 i.e. a community trying to help each other out.

I suggest using this post as a means of theory crafting or just straight out showing how to deal with some of these new minis. If Kabam thinks we're not supposed to 100% these maps, let's show them we can 100% whatever we want if we worked together.

I'll get it started with what I think are a few ways to deal with Node 30:

1) Invulnerability boost and playing as usual, eating multiple sp3's
2) Playing the champ as if they were stun immune (so no masochism)
3) Probably quake (although not sure how she interacts wit masochism)

FYI - Brag posts about how you clear these minis with no issue, how everybody else sucks and offering no real advice really doesn't contribute to the cause here.


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    Just tried 30 for the first time with Blade. Going against magic was brutal. Got owned. Already had lost the war so didn’t use any boosts or other items. But it’s a tricky one. Personally, I feel like this particular scenario is more about what champs you have...? Magik, GHulk, maybe Cap IW probably wouldn’t of had issues? I don’t have any but…
  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 771 ★★★★
    I think AW has just become even more of a matchup scenario which is fine considering you can see the minis and can send the correct matchup down that path.

    What I personally think is that the mini's should be swapped so their further down the path,....but back to business!

    I think with an invulnerability boost during season a Magik can get owned by a blade. You may want to try and fight her as a stun immune as well and maybe save the sp2 for when she's close to dead :)
  • WiMakWiMak Posts: 353 ★★
    Yeah, that was my plan. Unfortunately her attack keeps climbing as well as ability accuracy so after a little while her limbo, even the short limbo upon activating a special, just wipes you out...
  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 771 ★★★★
    Bumping this back up.

    Another idea I had for was regarding the AON mini and taunting out specials with spark or using champs with an sp1 that has power control i.e. vision and hawkeye.
  • RJ03RJ03 Posts: 67
    i tried a lot of scenarios...and no luck/fun/whatever, its pure bs node (and we are not talking about a line that its easy like there are others in the map)... and if you think you can use in all wars "Invulnerability boost" i think you can't... you just can buy 2 each time it shows up (i really dont know how long it refresh but its like 1 week or almost that..)...

    i understand your "movement", i hope you can do it, but i quit. do you think its normal you dont see any youtuber playing this new node30? why? ...
  • Zayo_278Zayo_278 Posts: 264
    Not only 30. We got 38 kills last war in tier 4 on node 31
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