Very bad business model Kabam is following! As more people leave the game Kabam should blame itself

Few days ago our alliance war rating was reduced. I as the leader of this alliance received a message from the game team indicating that one or more members have violated the war terms so the game decided to punish the whole alliance and reduce our rating and our tier which we worked hard to achieve. After submitting a ticket to Kabam, the support told me that some members are sharing accounts that's why they punished the alliance! They also refused to say who so we can get rid of!

Well, I have two accounts in this game as well as two other members in our alliance own two accounts too and they use their second accounts in the same alliance and in wars too. Kabam and the support team indicated before that having two accounts is completely legitimate in this game. Gifting between them and using them in the same alliance is legal too. If Kabam is not differentiating between who own two accounts and who share accounts so that's their problem. Anyone who own two accounts will use two emails (one for each), two passwords (one for each) and log in to each account using the same device and from the same location (typically like if two persons are sharing accounts).

Conflicts in decision, not having a clear policy/statement plus using the overall punishment method will result in more people leaving the game (I know hundreds and hundreds of people left the game this year). Quiting the game is very noticeable even cutoffs for staying at the AQ expert bracket can really tell that more and more people are quiting, they found the game no more interest and they started to hate Kabam!

Our 30 members are frustrated from the way Kabam deal with issues. Also who created more than one account must be loving this game, and he/she did it after Kabam declared its legality. Please let us know if there is any change in this. Also revise your decisions about punishing alliance, instead punish individuals!

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