New Feature - Comicbook Series

Okay so a new idea fo quests.
Bring the comic series to the game. Pretty simple.
Lets use Secret Empire Forever for example.

Bring a new quest location into special quests and change these quests every 3 months.
This one would be Secret Empire Forever in which Captain America joins Hydra. Its a great storyline so i wont spoil anything but its deffinately a story arc that would be great for players to instead of read.. play. Set the quest up in the same fights at the comic and follow its plotline. I say 3 months because they would need to be harder to complete and offer characters from that storyline as a prize.
For instance, In secret empire, The Punisher 2099, Captain America (Hydra), Thor (Jane Foster), Iron-Heart, Spider-Man 2099 etc...

Other comicbook story arcs that would be great include;
Secret Wars
Secret Invasion
Age of Ultron
X-Men Apocalypse
Contest of Champions
;And so many more
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