Alliance war, alliance rating spread

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This is the second war in a row (last 2 were losses) that my 6.5 mil alliance is facing a 10 mil alliance. Is the spread suppose to be this large? This is ridiculous. How are we supposed to get a victory when we are the "pushover opponent" for these alliances 4 million rating higher? Has anyone else encountered this issue?


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    Don't look at base rating for wars, look at war rating and tier. Simple as that.
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    Yes, inevitably this will happen, although it can feel unfair. Matching you against another alliance with a similar war rating seems to take precedence over matching you with a similarly rated alliance overall. In a way this makes sense, or else 4 mil alliances could have the same rating as 15 mil alliances, and there would be no need to rank uand level up champs to reach top tiers.
  • BttraditionBttradition Posts: 40
    I have seen some 3 mil alliances make gold which just adds to the frustration
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