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Stable, 17mill, Map5, Gold 1, All Adult Alliance needs 1

We are a very stable group of all adult players, the core of which have been playing together for a very long time. One of our guys got frustrated with the overheating problem and has quit the game.

We do map 5 100% every day because map 6 is expensive. We finish in top 400 and hit 125mill+.

AW matters to us, but not at the expense of booting players for bad performance, or piloting, or scoring your personal performance. We are solidly tier 4 war and in Gold 1. We could make a platinum push with the right talent, but basically we expect people to play well and focus, boost up if needed for certain really hard fights, and just win some, and lose some. We understand AW can be stressful and many alliances have an attitude that creates resentment and anxiety among players. That is not us.

Our thing is, log in on time, take care of business. Don't expect officers to log in for you. Just do your job, play well, contribute to events, and play your own game. We push on completion and finish in top 5%. Item use is a no brainer to at least rank, and for grinding events we aim for the t1a and just kind of depends on the who all is grinding. We appreciate grinding, but don't have a minimum.

The two types of people that have worked best for us are:

-long time players who have been in higher tier groups, and are just tired of things like mandatory grinding and strict AW's where dying equals immediate resentment, but don't want to retire. We are not a retirement alliance, but definitely are laid back.

-Progressing players with real skill who may be slightly under our prestige, but are looking for a boost in rewards and we can help you grow. Prestige around 6400+ would help us keep our AQ standards, but we'll talk if you're slightly below and want a shot.

Basically - we are a niche, happy place, and a place that could be your home. Please hit me up on line if you're interested: Campo4. We'd like to fill this immediately.


  • Campo4Campo4 Posts: 141
    We are still at accepting applications. US time zone preferred.
  • Red_SkullRed_Skull Posts: 11
    Sounds like a solid alliance.
  • GaryagGaryag Posts: 391
    Campo hello it is garyag long long time ago I was in your in Alliance at that time I was a little weak for your Alliance I am 239k with one R4 five star magik and three r 5 four star which are red hulk Duped R 5 ultron not Duped four star and R 3 five star Medusa not duped

    line me at ggodorova look for user garyag pst


    I am running AQ map 5 in my current Alliance looking to change.
  • Campo4Campo4 Posts: 141
    edited July 2018
    We lost another to iPhone-gate. If interested, hit me up today. Honestly, prestige has gotta be in the ballpark when I say progressing players I mean not deep rosters but we still need profiles of 5*s. Thanks.
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