5500 prestige player looking for gold or higher alliance

R00kie_R00kie_ Posts: 11
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5500 prestige player looking for gold or higher alliance. No minimum requirements or donations. AW focused alliance.i participate full in AQ and AW but I don’t grind anymore
Line is: superr00kie


  • SborlaxSborlax Posts: 248
    We are a friendly, supportive and active alliance. If you love criticizing others' performance in AQAW, this is NOT a place for you.

    You should have at least EIGHT 4*R4 champs for AW. Preferably you have some 4*R5.
    You are expected to show up in AW on time and not delaying others.

    Season 2 finished in Gold2.
    AQ Map33222
    Weekly SA in 21% bracket.
    Participation in alliance events expected.
    Required to join LINE.

    Contact me in LINE if you are interested.
    Alliance Name: SuperNova Gen X
    Alliance Tag: [S-N-X]
    Leader IGN: Sborlax
    Leader LineID: Sborlax
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