Who to rank up (Mystic edition)?

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I'm not really 100% sold on ranking any of these, simply because the 4* don't help me a ton (primarily for defense) and the 5* aren't the best. I do already have Voodo at R4 along with Blade and two reliable 6* champs in Yondu and Angela.

Magik could be used for power control (especially for RTTL Spite path), but I already have 5* Hawkeye R3 and 4* Vision R5.
Dorm would be purely for defense, but is a bit undersized for Tier 6+ wars now
Mephisto could be used for attack (synergy with Blade), but again is undersized as a 4*
Hood is a decent option, but don't necessarily think he's R4 worthy
Morningstar damage is severely underwhelming, especially unduped. I don't like needing multiple fights to build up damage output.

Who to rank up (Mystic edition)? 16 votes

4* Magik (sig 30) to R5
SuperSam57Dingaloshadow_lurker22FhfjghhggggjfhfjgRobbo29192Lightingrod7Greeny8 7 votes
4* Dormammu (Sig 99) to R5
BahamutCrooked_Sprook1 2 votes
4* Mephisto (sig 20) to R5
AnthinhoDavid_0546 2 votes
5* Hood (unduped) to R4
5* Morningstar (unduped) to R3
SpeedbumpMaximus0215Quatre_1988XxOriginalxX 4 votes
Save resources
SandeepS 1 vote
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