Which 5* unduped to round 5?

JmurphJmurph Posts: 113

Which 5* unduped to round 5? 41 votes

Stark spidey
SnizzbarSpity68INTEGRALTREIl_JooOSpeedbumpGAM3RGUYnameplasSamdroxtaarSuperSam57ShaheerFIazvinniegainzJonibärchenSpiderCoolsxananabananaCrazyjack719Dingaloshchong2MutantWharf8Saif_Aion 30 votes
Jank39XillymanQuatre_1988Dizzyshadow_lurker22FhfjghhggggjfhfjgAnthinhoEsketit420XxOriginalxXCrooked_Sprook1The_Master_Jadi_246 11 votes


  • Crazyjack719Crazyjack719 Posts: 414 ★★
    Stark spidey
    They are both great, neither really needs to be duped, Domino is pretty good as both defender and attacker, whereas Sparky is more valued as as an attacker. Both are LoL options and are great for AW attack. Domino is also a great counter to Medusa, but IMO Sparky is still a better choice.
  • Quatre_1988Quatre_1988 Posts: 90
    It depends on what your doing with the champions. I pulled a 6* domino and took her to rank 2 over taking duped stark enhanced to rank 5. Don’t regret it at all. Her damage output is very high and takes no ramp up time. You won’t regret either choice.
  • JmurphJmurph Posts: 113
    Thanks for your input guys! 6* domino must have been an awesome pull!
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