New Daily t4cc quests suggestion

1550 t4cc for 136 energy, for specific class catalyst every week is 23 weeks and 3128 energy to aquire just one t4cc of specific class. You need 13 t4cc's to upgrade one 5star champion from rank 1 to rank 5, thats 41k energy and 299 weeks (over 6 years). If you have made these shards generic t4cc shards, for 36k of which players could purchase one t4cc of any class of their choice, it would decrease time required to aquire t4cc's required to upgrade one 5star champion from riddiculous amount of 299 weeks, to still riddiculous yet slightly less, of 49 weeks, which is little over year. The value of these shards would remain the same, as it would be exactly the same amount of them from rewards and this mode wouldn't become such a meme as it is gonna become if you roll it the way it is designed now. That is my insight, thanks for reading.
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