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In the spirit of having characters that are required to obtain via different goals or tasks, I'd like to suggest the concept of adding a Storm Variant. This version would be her appearance as depicted as the leader of Gold Team of the X-men, with Storm in her iconic white costume, similar to the Cyclops variant in his Blue Team uniform.

Because of her implied Gold Team tag, it would be awesome if she was available exclusively in the store for purchase with Gold. Gold currently is used for Ranking and for treasury donations with Alliance Quest. This would expand on the potential for gold, similar to how Alliance Credits were expanded to allow a purchasable 5-star Unstoppable Colossus. This gives players a further goal to aim for with Gold.

To keep the pursuit focused, I think it would be interesting to require a progression. By this I mean adding a 1-star Version of Storm (Gold Team), that once purchased unlocks a 2-star version, followed by a 3, 4, 5 and 6-stars (in the event 7 and further stars are added, these could be included). Similar to Unstoppable Colossus, players can repeatedly buy Storm, but with no bonus shards to gain, just signature and ISO-8.

Pricing Concept:
1-Star - 50,000 Gold
2-Star - 250,000 Gold
3-Star - 500,000 Gold
4-Star - 1,000,000 Gold
5-Star - 5,000,000 Gold
6-Star - 10,000,000 Gold

This is only a concept. The idea is to show the increasing cost of each version of Storm, while also requiring that the previous version be purchased initially to unlock the next Star Level. So it would cost 800,000 Gold to initially unlock 4-Star Storm for purchase. Each level unlock should only need to be done once to ensure that the player is progressing, while also ensuring that the player doesn't just jump straight to the 6-Star version.

Fighter Concept:
Storm (Gold Team)

Like Cyclops (Blue Team), she could be a copy of the existing Storm in animations and (some) specials, but have unique abilities. It would be great if she could harness weather effects when using Specials, like Shock for her lightning, while also adding something Coldsnap. I thought about Incinerate, but is seems like the wrong effect for what she does. Basically, it would be neat if each Special had a unique Damage-Over-Time options, like Shock on Special 1's Lightning, Coldsnap if Special 2 was like a Blizzard Blast, and if Special 3 was a unique elemental Damage-Over-Time attack that also could do Concussion. Special 1 should do more damage to electronic enemies, while Special 2 should have True Strike, since it's a surrounding area attack (it would also be cool to have it use that Snow effect seen in the game previously during the beginning of 2017).

Signature Ability:
"Mistress of the Elements"
Storm's Specials cost [math value building to maximum of 25%] less energy to use. Additional, all debuffs last [math value building to a maximum of 50%] longer.

Mutant Agenda: with Colossus, Iceman, Phoenix (Jean Grey), and/or Bishop. (each are a member of the Gold Team, so this is focused on recognizing that)
Romance: with Black Panther (Classic) and Wolverine.
Friends: with Rogue, Phoenix, and Cyclops (Blue Team)
Enemies: with Magneto (Classic), Sabretooth, and Juggernaut

Unique Synergy:
"Renewable Energy Source" with Iceman and Bishop.
Iceman's Ice Armor regenerates 50% faster, Storm (Gold Team) gains 50% of consumed energy back if her Specials are blocked, Bishop's Prowess gains are doubled.


"Leadership" with Cyclops (both)
All mutants gain focus over their abilities, giving a +10% chance to abilities to trigger (from critical hits, to Bleed, Armor Breaks, Armor Ups, Regeneration, Power Gain, etc)

This is purely a concept. I would like to see more ways of using items and in-game currencies to further unlock characters. Things like Arena Chips, and even Glory, are items that could be used to further expand character rewards. Other things, like player level progression, could also be expanded to go with this.
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