2.2mil alliance looking for active members

Hello, we are The Walking Dead alliance and we are looking for active members to fill our ranks. We are currently doing map 3 with 2 BGs, and sometimes map 2 for potions (if needed). We are a friendly and helpful alliance that only requires you to be active for AQ and summoner advancement (which we complete every 2 weeks, thus we hold our crystals for one week every time). We also use Line app for communication (it doesn't share any information except a nickname that you set up).

We are looking for players that have at least 3 champs that are 4* 3/30 or above (will be used for AQ for clearing the paths). Participation in other events such as duels, story/event quests, is not mandatory. For AW, we are going to start doing it soon, but we need more members that will join and have 11 champs that are either maxed 3*, or 3/30 or above 4*.

If you feel comfortable joining such an alliance, in game name is Bobden89 and Line id is robobden.

Hope to hear from any potential candidates :smile: .
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