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Lack Of T4CC for mid-game Players

BlackFreQuencyBlackFreQuency Posts: 91
edited July 2018 in General Discussion
KABAM who are you trying to help with the New Expert Class Catalyst Daily Quests ?!! it's not us (mid-game players)
this is the most stressful game i've ever seen and it keeps on disappointing players with every single update.. how is this going to help ? 136 energy per day ? is this a bad joke ???


  • BlackFreQuencyBlackFreQuency Posts: 91
    edited July 2018
    let's be fair and take a good look at this.
    the new milestones for Alpha 1 and T4BC looks pretty cool and helpful but honestly T4CC arena looks awful your not guaranteed anything in that arena (oh wait!! you are.. ISO..)
    in monthly event Quests if you do heroic you will get 10 T4CC fragments..
    even with completing master you will only get fragments not even a fully formed T4CC..
    and the problem with fragments is that they are different classes.. so your not getting anything good enough to actually rank up a champion.. it's useless i have to wait for months to be able to rank up 1 champ
    AQ map 3 and map 4 crystals are not good enough either.. just getting T1 Alpha..
    and there's glory.. yea there's no fully formed T4CC crystals that you can get with glory.. only fragments (and again we all know the problem with fragments)
    fragments were supposed to help.. i know we can farm different classes but you know how much time it takes to form a full catalyst ?

    EDIT: end-game players will never play these New Expert Class Catalyst Daily Quests.. it's here for us so please reduce the energy cost or increase the rewards (more fragments)
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