5x5 (5800 starting prestige), Tier 5 AW alliance looking for new, skilled 5000+ prestige members

We run 5x5 at a starting prestige 5800,
War tier is currently tier 5 however this will vary throughout the season, what won’t vary however will be our finishing position, which with our current core group will easily be gold 1.

We are looking for multiple members to build around our core group so that we can easily push further, ideal recruit is skilled enough to handle their AW line at tier 5 with minimal deaths (ideally less than 2), has over 5000 prestige and has already made solid act 5 progression.
LINE for communication is a necessity.

Our minimums are
Completion: 15k
Item use: 2500
Arena combat: 0 or 5000+
Perfect series: 0 or 3000+

130k gold
30k BCs
12500 loyalty

To get in touch via line, hit up:

Also feel free to join our interview room directly

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