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I like how Kabam Miike is ignoring the main point of the posts he is quoting. Removing defender kills makes them more $$$, plain and simple. Just admit it

Kabam Miike wrote: » (15.0 Alliance War discussion thread) The thread is closed and i cannot to a direct quote anymore.

We have addressed that a few times. As we said, that was not the goal with the change. The goal with the removal of Defender kills wasn't to increase the use of Potions or Revives, but to relieve the feeling of defeat that comes with taking one shot at a defender, losing, and feeling that you're now helping the other Alliance, so you stop playing, even though you have 2 perfectly good attackers still there.

As you can see above i brought a little throw back to when all these changes started taking place with regards to AW. Now Kabams goal is apparently to basically make 100% exploring the map next to impossible or at a greater cost of money it seems.

Which i find funny because defender kills is still not part of the scoring system because of the original reasoning they have never changed which was to "discourage" people from dying and feeling like they are helping the other alliance.

However now the new nodes have made many alliance (yes some of the elite players are not having as much trouble and have openly admitted on the forums they boost up and spend money on topping off with heals etc) are having to now revert back to the old map style of play which is to avoid paths all together in order to have additional backup to fight these nodes such as node 30. So now youre have completely "discouraged" a lot of players from AW bc its costing a significant amount of money to try and counter these nodes since there is no way to duplicate them outside of AW with the defenders that are being placed there.

So I have no issues with making things more challenging but some of these nodes are absolutly insane. I would like to suggest moving these new mini nodes to where the current ones are by the main boss to reduce your players from being discouraged almost right from the begining of the map. This way we can go back to having some sense of accomplishment and if needing to fight through at the very end is needed at least it a compramise.

Note: I am in a tier 3 alliance and since the new nodes have been introduced we are 4 wins and 1 loss. The deaths have sky rocketed and only have run into one alliance that was able to clear all three bosses. Which for my alliance has come at a significant cost increase that most likely cannot continue very much longer. So i know there will be a bunch of people that will come in here and just provide snarky comments because they have nothing better to do but this is a major concern and there has been thread after thread about it and not one reply from anyone on the KABAM team which is disheartning.


  • I completely agree. Very frustrating as player to get smashed on node 30 and have to have 3 alliance mates try to team up to take it down and leave other paths untouched. The big question I have is it’s clear the higher tiers won’t drop all the bosses and lower tiers will have an easier time so potentially you could have a tier 6-5 drop all three bosses every war and tier 3 drop 1-2 bosses and have the tier 6-5 end up in plat while the tier 3 hits gold.
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