Looking for a new Map 5 Gold-1 Ally

Got a group of at least 6 looking for at least a Gold-1 alliance. We may be able to bring up to 10 if needed. Here's some info on the group......

- Been playing together for about 1 year
- Finish Map 5X5 100% every time and very good about donations
- All players have multiple r4 5* (some have r5) including great war defenders/attackers/boss killers
- All use LINE and are extremely high communicators
- Finished Gold-2 rank 50 last war due to someone in Ally switching accounts or would've been Gold-1
- Multiple people in Ally taking a break from the game so we're looking for a new group

My game tag is Justin311. I can send screenshots with player profiles and champs if requested.


  • AnakinScilukAnakinSciluk Posts: 46
    Would you guys be interested in using Facebook messenger? We use that instead of LINE. I use LINE for recruiting if you want to chat there.

    We have room for 1, but the officers have been talking about clearing out a BG for various reasons.

    Contact me on LINE @ Anakin Sciluk

    This is our alliance:

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