Feedback - New Expert Class Catalyst Daily Quests

That’s nice, especially with pim canister, but it needs to many energies to complete the exploration. There are too many quests to deal with at the moment.
3 energies by move would be better.

And is it also possible to add some alpha 2 shards ?


  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 255
    I’m glad they are back and with more quantity. A lot of energy yes, but they aren’t designed so you can grind it out for days to form a full catalyst. That means you don’t / shouldn’t feel obligated to do the quest every day! 7 days 1500 frags a day per class, 6 classes = 168ish days to form a full catalyst from scratch and that’s if they don’t do a special event on sundays

    They said it was ideal for players that were close to a full catalyst and that would justify the energy costs.
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