Want good & steady rewards, friendly & helpful alliance, organized & efficient teamwork? Read on.

5.5M Discord-mandatory alliance looking for dependable, active players of 120K+ rating

We play war and quest daily. We want players interested in this level of activity.

We use discord because line is garbage. Our chat is very organized - you won't have to read through hundreds of messages or put up with dozens of daily alerts to get the info you need to play war/quest maps. But if you want advice about who to rank up, or what champ is best to use, or just shoot the breeze, then our chat has that, too.

We don't require anyone to grind in the arenas or spend actual human money. We play smarter, not harder. We aim to maximize rewards and minimize time/effort invested, while still keeping the game fun to play.

Most of us are grown-ass adults with jobs and families ie we have lives that don't revolve around this game. Many of us have been playing together in the same alliance for almost 2 years. We're friendly and polite. No abusive shenanigans allowed.

Quest maps 2-4. War tier 11, Silver 2 - we want to improve on this, but we need more active players in order to do that, so that's what this post is for!

My alliance is Kings of Wakanda, tag: 87-71

My game handle is MyBucky

I'm not on here much or often, but you can reach me in-game or through discord. Here's a link to join our game chat if you want to talk with us and look around: https://discord.gg/4bTdDcn
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