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How far should I rank up 5* Hawkeye?

Just got him. Is he any good? Seatin says he is good but others are not so enthusiastic about him.

How far should I rank up 5* Hawkeye? 46 votes

Captain_AmazingEnigma50 2 votes
M1k0rin 1 vote
SpeedbumpVivek_786Solrac_2CosagornJohnyzeroEthans8279Super_Mitch_83Worknprogressadknight27H_B0MBMy_SuperiorBahamutSassyMastyBruinsfan8510Pedritkobluebubble100B_Dizzle_01AleorDavid12364kingb 24 votes
2pumpanddumpSpicyslicerkapt_krunchDOKTOROKTOPUSJonibärchenNemesis666SandeepSJC_VoltolosSmashButtehrssd__whiteWelderofortuneThe_Master_Jadi_246 14 votes
All the way, if ever.
HENRIQUE_FORTEMethedUpGhostboytjiecrystaldsmithFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 5 votes


    All the way, if ever.
    When I have the resources my 6* will go straight to R2 (or my 5* will go to R5). You know why? Because if I only rank god tier champs two years from now I may still be waiting for them. Hawkeye is good enough: SP1 power drains and bleeds (1k per tick on my 6*), he doesn't need to be duped and he is easy to play. If I meanwhile get a god tier I will reconsider, eventually.

  • Solrac_2Solrac_2 Posts: 426 ★★
    R3 minimum. He is really good. I have a R4 HE and don't regret it. He kills it in AW.
  • AleorAleor Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    r3, he is good, but there are many champs who are just better (if skill, GP is much more interesting option. blade, whom I don't like. also killmonger, I guess)
  • SassyMastySassyMasty Posts: 298
    At least R3. Beastly sp1
  • crystaldsmithcrystaldsmith Posts: 474 ★★
    All the way, if ever.
    He doesn't have to be awakened to be good. Don't let his low PI fool you, he's very useful. I love his special one. Great bleed and wonderful for power control. He has great synergies with some other really valuable Champs like Scarlet Witch I believe too.

    I have him in 5* and plan on taking him at least to 4/55, higher if I can.

    Note, I do have Blade awakened in a 4-star but I do not have Ghost Rider or Stark.
  • SpicyslicerSpicyslicer Posts: 910 ★★
    He’s great terrible pi don’t let it throw you off. So versatile spam sp1 got me uncollected.

    What’s your plan b or other options though for,those cats.
  • SaphyaerSaphyaer Posts: 52
    Thanks guys for the input
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