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    Gonna start posting this on every “death match” topic

    Accept the fact your roster isn’t set to go deep, use you lower champs to get you to 3x go as far as you can with your best champs, repeat. That’s just the way it goes. It’s ARENA, not who can play the most

    This guy for example, has 90% of his posting (free to be seen fro mhis profile) shouting at kabam from money grabbing with new events, and overall is crying out loud in more or less 95% of the posts towards Kabam's bad choiches.

    And still, it's here telling you how much of a nub you are and that everything it's fine since it doesnt touch him. Not much of a feedback you can get from him.
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    Now now kennado, struggling through ROL and act 4 doesn’t make you an end game player.

    I just don’t understand your all’s tantrums about
    difficult arena fights. You are faced with the same arena rules as everyone else. It’s like all the people on here who think they should be able to 100% all content 😂😂. Just because you have access to something doesn’t mean you should be able to reap all the rewards.

    this guy is crying out for piloting and pilots. Cause it does touch his weak spots. a topic where something really basic, and lazy is being exposed, everything is fine, it's cause you suck, git gud and over it. Pretty fun.

    Now now Vale, let’s not throw stones in glass houses. I think your reeeding compwehension needs work *pats on head*.

    First, I don’t support piloting, am opposed to it actually. As you can read ;).

    As to my posts here, they’re very relevant to the thread and the OP’s comments. He is upset that he’s facing off against teams that are beyond his skill in arena (and you appear to be a sad panda about this too). He thinks that Kabam should change the algorithm for determining arena matchups because he deserves to be able to grind as much as he wants (why he deserves this, no one knows). He won’t recognize that all players face this, and if you don’t want to spend the time to overcome this obstacle, that’s your choice.

    Personally, I only grind it when I need units from milestones. 15-20 rounds gets me 1m in 4 star featured, and that’s all I usually need or have time for 🤷‍♂️.

    If you want to make a legitimate complaint that relates to arena difficulty, you should ask Kabam to release rank up materials faster. That’ll allow you to get your 5* arena fodder up to r3 faster so that you don’t keep losing fights ;).

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