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Miles spidy vs sentinels

Whome to upgrade to r4 duped miles spidy vs unduped sentinels?


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    TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 2,072 ★★★★
    Not sure the question. Miles is not worth an R4 and not a good option to fight sentinels. Sentinel to R4 would be ok but preferably only duped. Who knows what ithe champs you got that might be better though.
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    LysiszeroLysiszero Posts: 296
    Miles is not good. Even when high or max signature his abilities very rarely trigger. Sentinel has good synergies and immunities and his size which works to his advantage as for block penetration.
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    Galaxy76Galaxy76 Posts: 62
    Sentinel is really good in attack...but hope to get a duped one or 5star one
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