AW Penalty Policy Revision Suggestion

I’d like to start off by saying i’m glad that Kabam has actively moved forward with penalizing cheaters in the game. It truly does make a more level playing field for all of the honest players and alliances.

However, I believe the procedure that is followed to accomplish this is flawed. Resulting in confusion, mistrust and frustration on behalf of most of the players and alliances that do get penalized. The biggest issue is that Kabam will under no circumstances reveal who the culprit player is directly. That’s understandable to the extent that they don’t want to violate players privacy. But, by doing so it makes it impossible for an alliance to rectify the situation and stop from getting continually penalized.

My suggestion to fix this issue is as follows:

If only one alliance member is found to be cheating by piloting in a single War, the players account should receive an email of the TOS violation and have their account banned for 48 hrs minimum as well as any rewards gained from the war removed from their account. The alliance leader(ship) should also receive a message that a member violated the TOS. This will allow alliance leadership to police and resolve the issue. If this has been the first instance of piloting and it only involved a single person piloting one account, the alliance should not be penalized via point deduction. If this has happened prior with that alliance their points should be penalized. In most cases leadership is unaware that piloting is even occurring, this would be a way to ensure that (for the first occurrence) the other 29 players in the alliance are not penalized since they worked very hard, spent resources and real money to get where they are.

If more than one player in the alliance was found to be piloting for that particular war, the above should happen as well as the alliance’s points penalized.

In the case of modding the players account should be banned and points penalized as it currently does.

If this suggestion is implemented, it will relieve a lot of the frustration that alliances are experiencing when their points get mysteriously penalized. Allowing them to take steps so that it doesn’t happen again, while still maintaining game integrity and player privacy on Kabam’s part by not communicating anyone specifically by name to leadership.

I would very much appreciate a moderator bringing this suggestion to whichever team is in place that would handle this policy.

I made sure to keep this suggestion for a policy revision very constructive, So please keep all comments on point and constructive as well.
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