Summoners. We are aware of issues with Alliance Wars Enlistment/Matchmaking. We are exploring the cause of this issue and possible solutions.

14 Mil Alliance Seeks 1 or 2 Players (5x5, 3AW/wk)

We are currently looking for 1 or 2 players to join us. We run Map 5x5, and AW.

5200+ Prestige (ideally) and can hold his/her own in Map 5 and AW. We are a Worldwide alliance with a lot in North America.

Making a push for Gold 1 this season. Ended 138 away from Gold 1 in season 2. Got rid of the ones holding us back and are much more efficient now.

Donations are the minimum needed to run AQ Map 5. NO minimums for Events but expect proper participation if you partake in the rewards.

Message me on Line at Hershy.deviljin


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