Would the Adaptoids as described below make a nice addition to the game?

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Adaptoids, by default, do not have a class type. Their regular attacks (light, medium, heavy) do not inflict debuffs nor provide buffs of any kind.

The robot's special 1 and 2s do not provide buffs nor inflict debuffs, either. This is because the robot does not have any special 1 and 2 attacks.

So in other words, there is nothing special about the adaptoid. It's just a robot that can punch and kick.

As a baseline for comparison, the adaptoid has the attack power of 90% of Wolverine's, same defense/armor of an armored up Iron Man, same health as Groot, same block proficiency and perfect block chance as Captain America, physical resistance of Karnak, energy resistance of Thor (Jane Foster), critical rating of zero and critical damage rating of zero. Its power gain is only 75% of a normal hero and it has no synergies.

The robot is stun resistant and cannot bleed or be poisoned due to Advanced Robotics. The robot's defensive ability accuracy cannot be reduced except by Magneto's passive ability.

When duped the robot gains critical resistance, which reduces the opponent's critical hit chance, equal to 8 times the signature level.

Simply put, the adaptoid is a weak-hitting tank.

The special 3, however, is special. When triggered, the robot is in the "adaptoid phase".

When an adaptoid triggers its special 3, the following happens:
  • 1. Gains +25% attack power.
  • 2. Gains the same critical rating, critical damage rating, and passive abilities as the enemy.
  • 3. Gains any buffs that the enemy had active at the time the special was triggered with the exception of power gain. The buffs lasts the duration of the adaptoid phase.
  • 4. Gains the same light, medium, and heavy attacks including any buffs and debuffs associated with those attacks (such as bleed) as the enemy but does not stack buffs if the robot had already gained it when the special was activated.
  • 5. Gains the same defensive buffs (such as Colossus' armor up) as the enemy but does not stack buffs if the robot had already gained it when the special was activated.
  • 6. Any debuffs inflicted by the enemy is removed.
  • 7. Gains all the special attack abilities of the enemy -- meaning it now has the same special 1, 2, AND 3 of the enemy.
  • 8. Power Gain 3x, equivalent to 125% faster than a normal hero which should give the player a realistic chance to use the copied special 3 attack during the adaptoid phase.
  • 9. Gains the signature ability of the enemy -- if he has one and if the adaptoid itself is also awakened. The strength of the signature, however, is based on the signature level of the adaptoid, not the enemy's. This also means that the adaptoid can have up to two active signature abilities.
  • 10. It looks like the enemy and has the same animation but with a gray or silver skin color.
The robot cannot bleed so he cannot gain regeneration by copying Wolverine's or Deadpool's regeneration abilities. The robot can only gain regeneration from special abilities like Groot's special 2 attack or magical means like a duped Scarlet Witch or copying Ultron's self-repair or copying Ultron's signature Absorption ability.

The robot cannot stack buffs while in the adaptoid phase so the only way to have stacked buffs is to have the enemy already have stacked buffs and then activate the special 3 to gain them.

Although the robot can never bleed or be poisoned, its stun resistance can be reduced by Magneto's passive ability. This makes Magneto the only opponent that has a chance of stunning the robot using parry.

The robot cannot copy active abilities, passive abilities, or buffs obtained from nodes as those attributes are not the enemy's base abiities.

This adaptoid phase last 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds, its power level is set back to 0 and it reverts back to a boring robot.

Strengths: It's a full blown tank, it's the "tankest there is". Copying Ultron's self-repair ability or Iron Man's Arc Overload makes this tank an exceptional foe.

Weaknesses: It is the weakest hero there is that becomes an average hitting hero only in the 10-second adaptoid phase. Opponents that can drain power level to prevent it from using its special 3 are its natural enemies. Moreover, healing opponents like Wolverine are not one of its favorites as it cannot copy the enemy's regeneration abilities. Finally, it has no synergies nor can it gain any.

Would the Adaptoids as described below make a nice addition to the game? 2 votes

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