Thank You Kabam for the Fix of 19.0 Over Heating and Crashing - What about Summoner Compensation

Dear Kabam Support,

Yesterday i downloaded new update, and YES finally game is running so good no more overheating and crashing after waiting for 18 days i can play MCOC properly without any overheating and crashing.

Now what about the Summoner Compensation, i know i know now Kabam will say they have to go and see the impacts on summoners due to this issue !!!!! Following were the impacts on summoners game plus hardware as well

Since this issue occur i didn't played arena because after just 3 series of battle in arena phone is freaking hot, if i go play any quest which have longer fights game get crash in the middle of it and there is so much more generally speaking once u start the game app after playing 10 to 15 mins its all over, cant play more. We lost so many times in so many of battles we had so much frustration over last 18 days, We want a good compensation.

Atleast Kabam should give the following

1 Fully Formed 6* Hero Crystal, 1 Fully Formed 5* Hero Crystal, 3 Fully Formed 4* Hero Crystals, 1500 Units, 10 Full Energy Refils, 10 Level 3 Team Revives, 10 Level 2 Team Revives, 100 Health Potions, 1 Million Battle Chips, 3 Million Gold.

Now thats something we would call a Summoner appreciation pakage by Kabam.

Apple Support said to many of us who reached them for support that they cannot do anything and if device get affected warranty would be void as well and they added this is MCOC App Issue not Apple hardware/software issue, dont use MCOC app until it get fixed.


  • 1TapTakeANap1TapTakeANap Posts: 60
    edited July 2018
    1 million battle chips , 3 million gold , 100 health potions .... fully formed 6*..... :D youre dreaming .

    You realise this package has to go out to low level players aswell
  • Metal8989Metal8989 Posts: 51
    @1TapTakeANap I'm dreaming yes, just happy to see the game is finally got fixed or maybe im in a dream someone wake me up hahahah :dizzy:
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