War rating deduction

Umm yea our war rating got hit for 300. The alliance leader has not received any message or in game mail or anything about someone in our alliance cheating, piloting or even modding. We have submitted a ticket but get the same ole generic response about it making the game unfair. What a crock of ****. Either tell us what the infraction is and who did it or don’t say anything. Knowing Kabam and great public image they already have I assume they deduct 300 points for me making this forum post. Shouldn’t the leader be informed so he can make changes to his or her alliance if somethings going on that effects everyone. What about the clarity that has been promised.


  • BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★
    Can a mod reply to this pls
  • Wells44Wells44 Posts: 92
    Exact same thing happened to us. If you dont send the leader a message and no one gets banned then how are we to know? Just a generic response that diesnt say anyone account shared but insinuated that may be the case. Accusations without merit, the kabam way
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