44422 semi-retired ally,

lfm 50k+(or if you know you're extra active to get there just send me a line message,) AQ 44422,. line req. Need active players and
for ally events. We are an organized bunch and want to fill up. Because we aren't filled atm, donations are 70k g and 6k loyalty BUT is guarenteed to change once we hit 20 players and more. We are currently at about 14.
If you're learning the game or need a break from the hardcore grind we are the ally for you! Very family oriented and we still run AW! Let me know!
Line i.d. gotszbot
Ign gotszbot


  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    Looking for about 15 players for this ally, growing ally. Accepting all levels and ratings, and we give advice
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