Two small changes for AQ peak milestones

1) we can’t see our score once we hit the top milestone in a 3-day event. It’d be nice to see how many points the group has put up without having to add them all together.

2) it would be amazing if peak milestone rewards for the top milestone could be claimed once reached. We maxed out our Avengers use already. We know exactly what our milestone reward will be. Can’t we get it early? Early receipt of rewards may incentivize people to play more and hit those marks early. If you don’t hit the top milestone, you get it when the event ends as usual.


  • Hmm, I'll ask the team about question 1. I don't know if our current system would allow for what you're asking about in your Second question, but I will raise that to the team as well! Thanks for the suggestions!
  • TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 291
    @Kabam Miike thanks for the reply!
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