Summoner Appreciation

DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,586 ★★★★
Are we going to see this again?

I find it hard to believe it hasn’t already come around as let’s be honest, it hasn’t been a great year upto now.

But yeah, just wondering, think it would be nice to do, maybe a few weeks.


  • RocapRocap Posts: 222
    Nope they'll just put out some tiered purchases that REQUIRE you to spend money multiple times to BUY the best deal... It was bad enough when they did this with the packs you bought with units but now it's with straight up cash it's just ignorant. Ffs in what world would someone go to a store and have to make 3 purchases to get what they want and each time it got more expensive and it ended up being $170 for a video game... These mobile games are destroying the entire world and honestly it makes me sick that they won't even consider the fact that their fan base that pays their bills might be right when they say stiff is broken. We don't all want free stuff but Kabam seems to want more free stuff than we do. Ban Inc, don't care one bit.
  • Arsenal33Arsenal33 Posts: 80
    The entire month of December is basically a summoner appreciation month.

    I would love it if Kabam gave us another week, but I personally think it is something that is needed.
  • 3ul3r23ul3r2 Posts: 56
    Hi Summoners!! Recently the contest has not been performing as intended and for this we want you to know we appreciate you!!!

    See below for compinsation:

    1 energy refill for aos users

    2* antman for the rest

    For 50$ more, we can offer you 2 energy refills per day for 2 weeks. With these refills, your brand new antman, and about 20 hours off your life, you should be back on track.

    If you purchase the 50$ offering, you unlock the 100$ offering!! For this we will not force you to auto fight heroic. Our original thought was that we would make the rewards such that if you did heroic, it was worth it. But since many summoners have left the game, and your dumb *** stayed, we thought we could make the rewards very bad and people would still spend to get through heroic. But we made the rewards so bad that people don't care. But you can fix this by giving us money!!!

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