16 mil 5x5 AQ, Tier3 Gold1 pushing Plat 3, 500K+ rating, 6,200+ prestige.

[N0FÛX]16 mil alliance. Looking for skilled individuals. 500k+ player rating and 6,200+ prestige. We run 5x5 and score 129 mil in AQ. Gold 1 rank 32 pushing platinum 3, Tier 3/4 in War. We need people who can handle their own and won’t hesitate to use items when they have to.

-No event minimums
-Donations 135k gold, 30k battlechips, 12.5k loyalty

Message me on Line App or in game if interested: “Jskeete54” line and ign


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    SgtmixSgtmix Posts: 20
    Mixdog1970 line I'd.. Interested
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