Try for uncollected

M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 362
Lets say that i'll have quake 5* duped 4/45,
4* all max (Ghost rider duped, hyperion duped, gwenpool, vision aou duped)

So are this roster is good enough to try uncollected? Or any suggestion before go there?


  • PeterQuillPeterQuill Posts: 1,102 ★★★
    I only had 2 5/50's when i became uncollected and no good 5 stars. You should be good, just have at least 5-10 revives on you for the collector.
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 362
    Ok thanks :)
  • CyporgCyporg Posts: 97
    edited July 2018
    Your roster is more than fine. I just did uncollected last week. Spent zero units. Used about 12-15 L1 revives on my 4* 4/40 Hulk. Void synergy gave him a bar of power to start which was awesome. My team was 4* Spark, 4* Blade, 4* Hulk, 4* Void, R3 5* Ice.

    Bottom line, just save up some L1/L2 revives and you'll be fine.
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