Gold 1 (11M Alliance) needs one strong player

AW Season 2 Gold 1 Alliance. Looking for 1 solid player capable of running Map 5 and AW tier 4 – 5. US or UK based a must, as is communication via Line. We’re in the Expert bracket in AQ and run 55522. This keeps donations low and allows us to coordinate map 2 on AW attack days (most of the time). If you want a laid back, funny, knowledgeable, very active, and extremely organized alliance to grow with, look no further.

We have no event minimums, but everyone does do their part. We never miss hitting all milestones in alliance events other than arena events. We don't force anyone to play arena unless they want to, however we still hit all milestones during arena events 50 - 60% of the time. We consistently finish in the 6% - 20% bracket for SA rewards every week. Weekly donations are 80k (G), 17.5k (BC), and 7.5k (L).

We accept that people go on vacation and have lives outside the game. Occasional unavailability is fine, as long as it is communicated in advance. Otherwise, consistent activity in AQ and AW is expected. Our general rule of thumb is to remove links ASAP, otherwise, movement every 2 - 3 hours is fine.

You don't have to be a boss killer, we have plenty of those, but you must be able to clear your path in AQ and AW, without having to use a lot of items to do it. 300k+ rating preferred, but potentially open to lower if we think you’ll be a good fit. Must be able to place 4/40 defenders or better (5/50 preferred), and run Map 5 and AW attack at the same time (doesn’t happen very often though).

Look me up if you're interested.

LINE ID: cur53d
IGN: cur53d
Alliance: ShadowPower (TSP)


  • cur53dcur53d Posts: 165
    Looking for one member. We are Gold 1 in Season 3 right now.
  • ProtoixProtoix Posts: 9
    Looking for one member. We are still in Gold 1.
  • cur53dcur53d Posts: 165
    Looking for one more member. Gold 1. AW tier 5.
  • cur53dcur53d Posts: 165
    Still need one strong player to help us stay in Gold 1 this season.
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