5.2.6 Node interactions

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to my query.

I'm currently working on 5.2 exploration, and I'm looking for a clarification on the 'Tyranny' node in 5.2.6 from anyone who has already completed that path. The description states 'Villains in this arena attain absolute power. Heroes do not gain power.'

My question is, how does this work with champs not tagged #hero or #villain? Elektra and DPX, for example, are tagged #mercenary (which seems to replace the #hero and #villain options). Would these champs gain power normally? And for that matter, do villains see increased power gain?

Having a #hero loaded roster, I'm considering ranking a champ to handle it (although I could just do it without specials), but my #villain options are fairly slim.

Anyways, before I go about testing this, I figured I'd see if anyone happens to know the answer. Thanks in advance for any insights.
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