None responsive in menus or constantly blocking in fights

So I’ve been experiencing an issue the last couple of days where I’m in the map of the monthly event quest or AW, trying to move to the next tile and I can’t. Tapping the nuts off my screen and doesn’t respond. I drag my finger across the screen and it zooms in/out. I can tap on the menus dip in and out of the map menu but unable to tap the next tile!?
I switch apps and phone is working fine. Back to MCOC and same, can’t move to the next tile. It’s as if I’m already pressing and holding on another part of the screen, but not apparent when I’m in another app on my phone. Open up notes to draw and I’m not touching the screen or try to type a message it’s fine. Even using the same grip as when gamin. Back to mcoc, strange behaviour again!? Then I was in a fight in AW, my champ was blocking the whole fight!!! Switched apps again, no apps getting a double touching on the screen.. back to mcoc and managed to get the fight finished and again I can’t move to the next tile. My phone still gets quite warm too but never crashes. A lot warmer than it did prior to the heating issues..
Definitely something not right!
Anyone else getting this behaviour?
My phone is only a few weeks old...
iPhone X.
IOS 11.4.1
Mcoc 19.0.1


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