Class specific masteries

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With the beta test of Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity, it made me think of Pure Skill (of course) and how long it has been since it's effectiveness was greatly reduced since 12.0

However, what about the other class masteries? They are one of the most expensive masteries in the game, but lack real competitive usefulness.

Here are several small tweaks that would make all of them very powerful and useful.

Mystic Dispersion: Best class mastery and one of the best in the game, with the changes it would be less effective on defense, but I can live with it.

Pure Skill: Instead of armor reduction, at max level increase critical damage and rating by 64%. (It will make all skill champs hit super hard)

Tech Collar: Reduce enemy power gain by 36%. (Vision would be the undisputed power control champ)

Science Serum: Increase physical and critical resistance by 64%. (Imagine the tank potential of a Rhino, Red Hulk on defense? or making spiderman a tank with his evade as well)

Cosmic Awareness: Increase by 50% the effectiveness of abilities from cosmic champions. (Which means all cosmic champs would be able to trigger their buffs and abilities with a very high chance, I.E hyperion's furies would go from 40% to 90%, the number is still random, but you would be almost guaranteed at least one)

Mutagenesis: Increase debuffs on the enemy by 2.5 seconds. (Combine this with deep wounds and X-23 or Archangel and if it bleeds it dies, however there are enough debuff immune nodes and immune champs to prevent this from being overpowered)

Since all of these masteries are for specific classes (15-21 champs at most) it would not be game breaking, also since most people want buffs on old champs, these masteries would help to make the entire class more powerful.

What does the community think?


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    These would be cool. But alas this would benefit summoners, so it seems unlikely.
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