Selling T4 Basic Catalysts

Why are we not allowed to sell our tier 4 basic catalysts for tier 5 basic catalyst shards yet? T5B have been in the game for way too long for this not to be an option to us.

It is unacceptable and unreasonable for those of us who have these cats expiring in our overflow inventory. Additionally we should be able to keep more of the T4B and T1A cats in our main inventory than it takes to rank up only 2 high level champions! We are either forced to rank up undesirable champs or let them simply expire.

Same applies to T2A. These cats are rare and quite limited in availability. With all of the **** 5* champions available it's bullsh*t that we have to use them on weaker, undesirable champions, especially since there is no way to get the cats back. If rank down tickets came around every so often it would not be such an issue but this is not the case, nor am I asking for rank down tickets. RANK UP tickets on the other hand....

TL:DR Let us sell T4BC for T5BC shards and increase the inventory levels all catalysts, ISO and Health pots, etc. 25 level 2 health pots can barely fill a r3 champs health and is laughable at best for r4/r5 5* champs.

Also, before you say "lvl2 pots are not intended to be used on high level characters"- they are the majority of the pots available to those who are uncollected, without having to pay for them.


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    I smile just about every time someone on this forum describes something as "unacceptable" as they don't seem to know what it means.

    You may not agree with everything, but if it's truly unacceptable, you should just stop playing. If you're still playing the game, by definition, you're accepting it.
    I smile every time someone tries to be a smart ass and has a shortsighted, irrelevant comment like this. Just because I define a particular attribute of the game as unacceptable doesn't mean I find the game as a whole, unacceptable.

    Speaking of definitions, I'm afraid you are the one who does not know what "unacceptable" means.

    adjective: unacceptable

    not satisfactory or allowable.
    "unacceptable behavior"
    synonyms: intolerable, insufferable, unsatisfactory, inadmissible, inappropriate, unsuitable, undesirable, unreasonable, insupportable

    If you were half as smart as you fancy yourself to be, it would be known that not all words in every context are used literally.

    Your commentary is worthless. You should really consider getting some friends, or at least a hobby (I know, making friends is hard) which help can add value to your life. In turn, they allow you to feel good about yourself in ways other than nitpicking peoples posts and making asinine comments while sitting behind your keyboard in your parents basement.

    Fight the good fight! It's not too late to stop being a waste of space.
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    Ah...the irony of someone taking the time to copy and paste dictionary definitions on a mobile video game forum to tell another player to "get some friends, or at least a hobby" has made my day.

    To the OP, I do agree with you that it's time for us to be able to choose to sell this resource if we want...same for the health potions. They should be made to be % of health based pots not raw health points.
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    Netflix n' Chill with Gwenpool.... very acceptable!

    As for t4b/c ... all continue to be unsellable until Kabam makes a change.
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    If you run arenas it’s not a bad idea to bring 5* champs up to r2 to fit the change in minimum teams. Just a thought as to a meaningful use for the t4b in the meantime while you can’t sell them.
    Rogue, I agree. But hey, I acknowledged making friends is hard! Ha. I have seen enough of his pointless posts that his reply fired me up and did what I deemed necessary.

    Darth, I agree. Unfortunately I don't run much arena and have recently stepped back as my work/life doesn't allow me time to be an officer in a tier 5 alliance running AQ 5x5. Hence my lack of progression and having t4b expiring more rapidly than in the past.
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