Upgrade 4 star Ultron or 5 start Rocket Racoon?

Should I upgrade 4 star Ultron (to rank 5) or 5 start Rocket Racoon (to rank 3)? Both are un-dupped.


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  • Monkey17288Monkey17288 Posts: 99
    If you don't get hit Rocket is a monster. Plus he's fun to play with. Ultron is a utility champ. Has some regen/immunity but hits like a wet noodle. Depends what you need to advance. If you still learning and get clocked at times then definitely ultron.
  • AanthoAantho Posts: 120
    Attendez un meilleur champion, vous regretterez d avoir utilisé vos catalyseurs de classe si vous trouvez un spiders man stark!
  • Capt_MunchCapt_Munch Posts: 42
    Monkey, been playing for awhile but I still suck and get clocked! So maybe Ultron is best.

  • AanthoAantho Posts: 120
    Entre Ultron et Rocket je dirais Ultron pour la régénération et l immunité sinon
  • Capt_MunchCapt_Munch Posts: 42
    Thank you all for the suggestions

    Merci Aantho
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    I have both as 5* champions (my rocket is duped though) and I took Rocket to rank 3, he hits really hard. His sig ability is nice but it’s not necessary, you can still do good damage. Ultron’s Attack is lower but he does make up for it with his utility.
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