Drop Rates for daily quests and treasure drops.......

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I have noticed a HUGE decrease in drop rates for daily catalyst quests and am feeling like I'm being consistently ripped off lately. It used to be a given that if I 100% completed a daily quest I would at minimum get an entire catalyst in whichever difficulty I played. It wasn't uncommon to get 2 or even 3 catalysts sometimes. Now I don't even get enough fragments for even HALF of a catalyst. It is very frustrating to have spent ALMOST all of my energy pool (I have max of 70) and get NOTHING for my trouble and time. At least 2 times now I have wasted time doing 100% for tier 3 Quests and gotten like 800 fragments total.

Also, what is the point of having different levels of chests if they all give same mediocre awards......usually tier 2 or 3 iso.....boo. I also noticed almost NO revive drops in most quests and not even in daily UNCOLLECTED crystals. I played this game for almost it's entire lifespan and never do I remember quests have such horrible drop rates till last few updates.

If this is a strategy to force us to buy catalysts and potion deals.....ur actually encouraging me to do opposite. If you offer decent deals at reasonable prices I and other customers will purchase. BUT...if u make resources so scarce and offer purchases at OUTRAGEOUS costs......we are just going to NOT waste our time or money on this game and bring our business elsewhere. Please adjust the drop rates back to REASONABLE RATES AND consider making 4 -6 star chests something of worth.

A few suggestions:
L1 Revive
L2 Revive
3* dog stone
4* sig stone
2x small energy refill
L2 Potion
L3 Potion
T4 Class Iso
PHC shards 150-200

To say because a few "exploit" a few drops you have since "adjusted" is justification for you forcing ALL your customers to have to purchase what used to be obtainable is a horrible idea.

Please consider this....if people exploit a potion drop are u really losing much as you are angering the rest of us who would spend more if we didn't feel taken advantage of?

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