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Alliance tag - W0R2
Alliance name - World Alliance ReBorn

Hey guys!

Our alliance is looking for new players (level 50 or above) to join the crew. We are active and like clearing maps without all the stress of grinding for outrageous required donations. We understand everyone has a life outside of MCOC, life happens and family/work/school should ALWAYS be more important priorities.

• AQ: maps 4 (maybe 5 soon)
• AW: 2 or 3 times a week
• Alliance rating: 3.6 mil
• Average member rating: 180k
• Weekly treasury dues: 25500 Gold, 2500 Battle Chips and 2500 Loyalty
• Weekly summoner advancement

For now, we are 19 members, and we run only one BG but as soon as we have more than 20 players we will run 2 BG (AW and AQ).

We accept all timezone (we are from all over the world: USA, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong...), players with motivation and good sense of humour! One more thing: LINE app is required. LINE is our primary method of communication. Please initiate contact via in-game chat or LINE app: "elkalla"



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