Who to rank five

KyleMKyleM Posts: 129
Hello I am in a slight situation deciding who is more valueable to rank 5. The three contenders are below. I am draw to archangel however most will state he needs to be duped that leads onto iceman however I am not really in need for a defender the we have sabretooth I haven’t really used him much so any tips would be largely appreciated. All are unduped by the way

Who to rank five 29 votes

Archdemon_Marvel2289FhfjghhggggjfhfjgTarrenMooreXxOriginalxX33_SnapDragoNkyubi 7 votes
DarkZenTheManMythLegendTendersquadMrLalowSpeedbumpStark78AlfaEthans8279M1k0rinIcsGrecDuke_SilverBahamutReferenceKabam PorkchopCoachLedQuatre_1988Championcriticshadow_lurker22ThatOneMasterGamerKyrinMcH 19 votes
Foxhero007KanhaFlashAnthinho 3 votes


  • IcsGrecIcsGrec Posts: 919 ★★★
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    Iceman is a much better attacker than a defender. He is an absolute beast.
  • KyleMKyleM Posts: 129
    I know he is an attacker however from the use of the three of them I am of the opinion he is second best attacker however those immunities certainly help
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