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Aq 5x5, 12 million rated, gold 3 and climbing, need 4-5 new sluggers for war season (see inside)

Well established awesome group of guys needing about 4-5 players to round us out and get us solid for the upcoming war season. We finished Gold 3 for the last two seasons, and we run every war possible but we want to progress naturally - meaning we control what we can, and stay active and learning, but we aren't gonna be a high pressure group forcing people to pay to win, or kick if they die or can't finish a path. We don't require you to rank for prestige or defense, we're respectful and willing to work with people and their schedules and real life commitments. Most of us have played together for years and we have a great mix of veterans and some newer fast growing players learning quickly. We run AQ map 5x5 every week, and require donations to run those maps due every Tuesday of the week. 2 weeks ago we broke our overall record and put up 113 million points, and before they changed the system we were in expert tier all season.

We use Line exclusively to communicate and it's a big part of our game, so that would be a must. I hope to find some guys who maybe know each other, have experience in the game, have the roster to be able to run War and Quest at the same time, and would love to find some guys coming off the higher war tiers who want a breather while still being competitive and active in the game but without the crazy pressure. We are all hungry to advance and continue to get great rewards in the current group, but we need these last recruits to really put us over the edge. Would LOVE to find people looking for a permanent home, who are willing to stay and be patient and build up with us and really find a nice balance of fun and competitiveness. If any of this sounds up your alley, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me through the line app under Nick Caine (or you can find our other alliance leader DodgeX there too), and my in-game name is the same as Line. Hope to hear from you all soon!
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