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Graphical issues

I've experienced this since the Antman/Wasp update. This doesn't happen till about an hour or so of gameplay. Quest tiles, iso and champ selection become black blocks. When selecting champ info, the champ is blacked out. Then the app stops running. After experiencing this more than once, I have to exit the app and restart.
Now with this recent update, I'd hoped that whatever was causing this problem would be rectified but it occurred again. This I performed a factory reset of my phone. Even that didn't do anything to fix the issue. I have an Motorola E4, Android 7.1.1 nougat



  • Zer0bitsZer0bits Posts: 104
    @Thatsausage have u tried deleting the app and reinstalling the latest update from scratch? It may work, but sounds like whatever the latest update (and previous one) is doing, is using more and more of your phones resources over time, resulting in graphical errors.
    I’d suggest that you post this in the Android thread at the top of this forum.
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