Is the New Update out for iOS?

I'm at work with no WiFi but saw the new background on Seatin's Live Stream.. Is the update out already?


  • I downloaded it yesterday
  • DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 620 ★★★
    Yesterday at 1 EST I believe
  • dfmoore26dfmoore26 Posts: 87
    Thanks guys.. didn't show up in my app store yesterday so i'll have to check again
  • MfallsMfalls Posts: 94
    Don’t download it yet it is causing a lot of issues like overheating again.
  • WestthepestWestthepest Posts: 9
    Yeah downloaded last night on my iOS device not on android and grind this morning before work and now at lunch it’s a good thing I have ice packs at work, haha. Got to play a bit and let it cool. But it is significantly heating up again. Be wary. Still on 11.4.1.
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