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  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 16,332 ★★★★★
    MaxGaming said:

    Possibly my Last Meme/comment on the forums

    I've been feeling depressed lately and need a break so imma be not posting much anymore unless I feel better

    bye taskmasters biggest fan
  • odishika123odishika123 Posts: 2,816 ★★★★★

    when you’re playing ghost against the passive arena ai

    How we'll feel using post-buff OGBP. Why is the AI so defensive?
    I wasn't the only one that noticed this he rarely agrees for you to parry him and throw's specials when you let your guard down
  • Barani7daBarani7da Posts: 574 ★★
    edited May 7

    Updated the game and so far i'm liking it!

    The same thing I got but I got it as Jubilee!
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