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    @Hector_1475 I made that gamble and I was nervous as hell but ended up pulling quake never gonna sell champs ever again coz knowing my luck it’s a one off 😂
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    It has Thanos in it, so it’s Marvel related 🙃

    Engineer: The glass is twice the size it needs to be

    Tik Tok: The glass will get me famous
    Mr. Beast: The glass is the worlds largest; last one to leave wins 10,000 dollars
    Prof Hoff: The glass only contains half of what it should—COMPENSATION IS NEEDED!
    Noob: I want to rank down this glass
    Cowhale: I own 1,000,000 units worth of those glasses
    @Hamin: I wonder how much alcohol I could fit in that glass
    Seatin: I hope that glass has an absolutely fantastic day
    Prof Hulk: it’s half full: I see this as an absolute win!
    Thor: (see Hamin)
    The chair: mortal! What did I tell you about using my na—

    Tony Stark: the amount of H2O in the glass can be doubled. It can be tripled if it is Stark Industries TM
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    Chair: my time’s up.
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    Tiger360 said:

    AndTav said:

    Draw your own conclusions. :D:D

    Little did he know...
    I don't get this one, but seeing Ghost there confuses me as last time I checked she was top 3 in the game
    She’s a ghost.
    That joke flew way over my head lmao
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