Specials getting blocled more

It seems that for the last few days S1s and S2s are getting blocked a lot more! Almost every time, and even in arena. Anybody have the same problem?


  • Your lucky it's only been last couple days...
  • IJsmutsIJsmuts Posts: 107
    Its going on for weeks..
  • KattohSKattohS Posts: 564 ★★
    Seems the bugs are turned up on the servers.

    My fighters keep
    - jumping back after a parry. Or throws a heavy (which slows my power gain).
    - stands still after landing a parry
    - my DD Classic land a stun after his special and after landing 1 hit he jumps back to the other end of the screen. Lost power gain again.
    - For some strange reason I don’t see this happening to the ai champs.
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,790 ★★★★★
    IJsmuts wrote: »
    Its going on for weeks..

    Months, close to a year for some special attacks
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