A separate sub-forum for game mechanics and character abilities?

I was wondering if it would help the developers if there was a separate forum for game mechanics and character ability suggestions?

I've been seeing a lot of interesting ideas lately and it would be a shame if they got buried under all the other types of suggestions that flood the forum on a daily basis.

I see a wealth of ideas in the character wishlist thread, but i was thinking that a separate forum would make things a bit more organized and easier to search for.

Suggestions i've seen lately are:

1. psychic damage from telepaths
2. pain and pain resistance
3. fear-inducing effects and Willpower as a counter to it
4. sonic effects (i.e. symbiotes are vulnerable to sonic attacks; Dazzler converts sound into light, etc.)
5.emotions and emotion-manipulation (i.e. Empath of the Hellions)
6. the effect of combining heat and cold damage (i.e. Colossus is resistant to extreme heat and cold, but when they are combined, it could deal a lot of damage to him)
7. gravitational effects and increasing/decreasing one's mass (ex. Graviton and Ironclad of the U-Foes..... maybe increasing one's mass also decreases the knockback distance suffered from being hit)
8. effects of hydration (i.e. on Namor and other Atlanteans)
9. asphyxiation (ex. Namor's special might be him dragging his victim down to the bottom of the sea; plus a lot of characters don't need oxygen/can breathe underwater.....heck, some are even made of water)
10. microscopic vision as a counter to Glancing
11. undead being immune or resistant to degen (since they're already dead)
12. and so much more....


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    Maybe make this a sticky and continue with ideas on this thread itself?

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