Friendly alliance looking for active members

Alliance tag – GOC2

Alliance name – GuardiansOfCichnova

Hi friends,
We are a friendly alliance looking for active members (preferably level 28 or above) to join us. We are laid-back but active and no donations are required. We understand everyone has a life outside of MCOC.

AQ: maps 2 (map 3 soon if we could recruit more active members)
AW: Around twice a week
Alliance rating: 657k
Average member rating: 33k

We have 20 members now and we run only one BG. However, as soon as we have more members we will run 2 BG in AQ and AW.

All timezones are accepted.

Only requirements are

1. Be active

2. Be willing to communicate. We use Discord app for communication.

Feel free to in-game chat with me, my username is Ajc10~1

Come join us now! :)
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