Tired of Competitive Play? Want to relax on Map 2 for glory with extremely few requirements?

So I took my alliance out of competitive play. Real life is just more important, but we still enjoy playing. Our goal is to do as little as possible while maximizing our rewards.

So what rules do we have? Very few.

1. Joining at this point, we want people that still want glory and will play map 2. The crystals are actually decent. Have pulled some T4 cats from them and they save you from grinding lower level stuff. You don't need to wait on nodes so you can play at your own pace. We do one bg for full exploration and depending on who actually joins, will do bg2 and maybe bg3 as one path to the boss as it gets another map crystal as well as counts towards the alliance completion event. They made map 2 even easier with less energy required so even if you log in twice during an AQ day, a full enough bg will finish or another bg will easily reach Dorm.

2. We do hold hero crystals and ranks for every third SA, and we get rewards every time. We got rank rewards in the new SA which was nice. And we will update the alliance info section to show when we are opening next as well as mentioning it in alliance chat.

3. Please just don't be stupid. This model works when you think of the team. It's why saving and holding works for SA. It's why map 2 is a breeze. That means not doubling up on AQ paths when there are open paths. Don't skip an open or unfinished path just so you can get to a boss. Plenty of opportunities for challenging fights. And I'll kick you on the spot if I see it happen. After a few years we have very little tolerance for stupidity. And history has shown that most are repeat offenders who then follow by getting defensive about it. Again, very little tolerance.

That's pretty much it. If you can help/contribute to other events, great. But it's not required. It is a source of rewards so if it coincides with what you're doing anyway, try and help. No daily login requirements (unless you're doing AQ). Going away, busy with work, family or what not? We don't really care if you disappear for a few. If you'll be gone for weeks and don't tell us, we'll generally boot to make room for someone who can be around.

We do have Line. We're not active every day, but we can still be chatty when the mood arises. Our alliance chat has some former LEVI in it who are still competitive, so they can be a good resource for questions. Some might even come back when they're tired of competitiveness until they get the itch again.

We're just trying to keep the game fun and worthwhile. Vets are definitely preferred. But if you think you can handle buffed nodes and bosses on map 2, feel free to join. We have three spots right now as we booted three people who decided to mass open crystals and rank for about 50,000 points during the last and current SA. And we're going on the next SA, which is a shame. So it can turn out to be hurtful for the next SA to try and get rank rewards.

If you're game, I'm crogs in game and on Line. Feel free to say hi. Or just join. I usually keep the alliance open.



  • crogscrogs Posts: 271
    We have room for 3. Just booted three actually. One guy joins AQ and never moves. One joins takes a finished path to the first mini boss, goes kamikaze and disappears. Third one takes that same finished path to the mini and sits there for the rest of AQ.

    Would hope there are some smarter less selfish people out there who can be team players so we all can work less and accomplish more.

    Even if you just need a break from competitive play for a bit. We're a good place to hang while you decompress.
  • crogscrogs Posts: 271
    Have room for 1 to 3 people. Can kick a couple that haven't been active for people that want an easy go at map 2 and decent SA rewards every three weeks.
  • crogscrogs Posts: 271
    Have room for a few if anyone is is interested. We've been putting up over 500k for our on SA's as of late.
  • crogscrogs Posts: 271
    Have room for a few again. Just finishing up our "On" SA with over 500k again. Usually do well enough in other events to get milestones that start to have the full energy refill. Easily max various hero use ones like the current villain use.

    Had one dope leave in the middle of day 5 OF AQ. Missed out on glory,AP 4 and 5 crystals and could've waited a few more days for SA to finish to grab over 500 5* and 700 gold shards. Could he more depending on our overall ranking in it. Some people just don't think.
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